Sunday, we had our first performance from our new dance team! They performed a short dance to Oceans. They stopped after a couple minutes because they just wanted to give a little taste of what's to come as well as get other students interested in joining the team. It was great!

We played wink assassin...a lot of people died, but all the assassins we caught. HA! Take that!

This past Sunday we had a surprise guest speaker. Jamin Thomas, former Chiles basketball star and current young adult pastor in Lakeland, Florida visited with and blessed us with a great word. He spoke about have unconventional faith and trust with our borders! He spoke about Peter having the unconventional faith to step out of the boat and walk on WATER with Jesus and how he had to trust beyond the borders of the boat. Once he looked away from Christ, he began to sink. He concluded that you need remain fixed on Christ and let Him lead you. Don't worry about the waves crashing down around you, have unconventional faith that he will be with you as you trust him without borders!

We ended the evening with an amazing alter call response and worship. There were students truly worshipping in Spirit and Truth and the Holy Spirit really moved.