Our Story:

In March, 2014, as providence would have it, Pastor Ron and Pastor Charles began to meet about sharing a building to facilitate two separate church services. As they continued to meet and pray, their hearts were knit together to form a special friendship and unique bond that would become a spiritual partnership. It became obvious to Pastor Ron and Pastor Charles that God was leading them to combine their churches and establish one church. 

In May of 2014, the two churches began to meet together as one new church that was named “Go2Church.” Why the name “Go2?” Because in Matthew 28:19, Jesus commands us to “Go2 the nations and make disciples!”  We believe Jesus’ command found here is our first commission and should be our passion!

Pastor Ron and Pastor Charles consider it a privilege to pastor a church that represents heaven here on earth. In the here and now, it seems unnatural to merge churches, but heaven will be all churches, all people and all denominations merged together.  Go2 is a multiethnic, multicultural, multigenerational, contemporary church where everybody is passionate about God’s purpose. We are a spirit-filled, word church that takes pride in proclaiming the gospel on a level that will minister to everyone, regardless of their ethnic background or level of education.